Sunday Service

On Sunday, October 22nd, Rev. Cindy Yamamoto will deliver the lesson entitled “Spiritual Activism.” Kippy Baltrus will be singing the second and third musical offerings. The Daily Word is “Joy-Filled Spirit.”   Join us after Service for refreshments and fellowship.   Unity Church of Ann Arbor welcomes and embraces people of all faiths. Hope to … [Read more…]

Prayers for September

Daily Word affirmations for September: Inner Peace:  I relax in the peace of Spirit. Guidance:  I walk a path of divine light and wisdom. Healing:  Divine life restores my body to its natural state of wholeness. Prosperity:  I joyously anticipate new adventures in prosperous living. World Peace:  I act with reverence for all and contribute … [Read more…]

Upcoming Events

All requests to make announcements on Sunday MUST be submitted to the church office by the previous Monday. Email to: by noon of the previous Monday for approval. NOTICE: Church offices are closed on Friday for the Summer. New On-call person is Rev. Cindy Yamamoto. YOUTH EDUCATION DIRECTOR– We are thrilled to announce that … [Read more…]

Weekly Schedule

[table]Day,Time,Event Tuesday,12:00 Noon,Weekly Prayer Ministry (Everyone welcome) Wednesday,6:30pm,FA Meeting (Nancy 734-834-3330 or Stoney 734-635-1392) ,6:30pm,Prayer Chaplain Meeting May 4th (All Prayer Chaplains may attend) Thursday,6:30pm,Board Meeting (3rd Thursday) ,7:00pm,Choir Rehearsal in Sanctuary Saturday,10:00am, Women’s Group 2nd Saturday ,11:00am,Sacred Circle &Meditation Group 1st Saturday ,12:30pm,Sound Room Team May7th 1st Saturday Sunday,10:00am, Weekly Sunday Service and Child … [Read more…]


Our church uses fundraisers to do special projects. The projects listed below are in progress or soon will be. Community Luncheon –Usually on the first Sunday of every month. Join us for a tasty, home-cooked luncheon after the service. The “God Can” – speaking of loose change, don’t forget that we have our “God Can” … [Read more…]