Upcoming Events

All requests to make announcements on Sunday MUST be submitted to the church office by the previous Monday. Email to: staff@unitya2.org by noon of the previous Monday for approval.

NOTICE:  In case of emergency, please call Rev. Patrice Bittner (804) 822-2203


Looking for Nursery Helpers. Please consider giving one Sunday per month to assist with the youngsters in our nursery. The love you get in return is immeasurable. See Youth Education Director  Brittni Woods for details.

People to help with keeping the grass cut and the grounds looking fresh. As usual, there is a sign-up sheet for whose wiling to donate their time for this important function.

SACRED CIRCLE AND MEDIATION GROUP: Meets 1st Saturday of each month from 11:00 am until Noon. June 2nd, facilitated by Rev. Patty and Krista. Welcoming back Arletha Garcia-Guzman for moderating all future Saturdays. Come experience the power of meditation and Spirit in action. A suggested Love offering is $5.00








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