Upcoming Events

All requests to make announcements on Sunday MUST be submitted to the church office by the previous Monday. Email to: staff@unitya2.org by noon of the previous Monday for approval.

NOTICE:  In case of emergency, please call Rev. Patrice Bittner (804) 822-2203


SEP 15th 10:00am – Women’s Group “Transitional Breathing” and optional Pot-Luck to follow

SEP 16th – Rev. Patty’s lesson: “The Power of WISDOM”; music by Charles and Gwen Scales.

Chris from Farm Bureau Insurance will be conducting a mini-workshop following the service on Estate Planning.  NO CHARGE!

SEP 20th – Board of Directors meet at 6:15pm

SEP 30th – Chaplains service; dome to learn and gain insight what they are about

OCT 6/7th Reiki I and II classes from 1:00-5:00pm

See Arletha or details or call 734-355-1223

OCT 7th – Charles Thomas will be our guest speaker and giving workshop on self forgiveness.  A $15.00 love offering is suggested but no one will be turned away!  LUNCH IS INCLUDED!!!

SACRED CIRCLE AND MEDIATION GROUP: Meets 1st Saturday of each month from 11:00 am until Noon. June 2nd, facilitated by Rev. Patty and Krista. Welcoming back Arletha Garcia-Guzman for moderating all future Saturdays. Come experience the power of meditation and Spirit in action. A suggested Love offering is $5.00

REIKI SHARE: Meets the second and fourth Saturday of the month.








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