Upcoming Events

All requests to make announcements on Sunday MUST be submitted to the church office by the previous Monday. Email to: staff@unitya2.org by noon of the previous Monday for approval.

NOTICE:  In case of emergency, please call Rev. Patrice Bittner (804) 822-2203


MATCHING FUND:  A prosperity angel has pledged to match dollar for dollar any donations made to a special fund for the church; up to $3,000.  This will result in an extra $6,000 in revenue.  Slips are in the bulletin and available in the lobby to make your donation.  (Note:  This is for giving above your normal tithe and offering.)

SACRED CIRCLE AND MEDIATION GROUP: Meets 1st Saturday of each month from 11:00 am until Noon. Facilitated by Michael Hayes. Come experience the power of meditation and Spirit in action. A suggested Love offering is $5.00.

SUNDAY SERIES BEGINS IN JANUARY: Rev. Patty is going to be offering a Sunday Series based on the book “ON FIRE” by John O’Leary. You can purchase the book online new or used and read along with Rev. Patty.

UNITY RESOURCE BOOK: Our Unity Resource Book is now available – order yours now for $10.00. Sign up sheet in in the lobby next to a sample book.

ON GOING CARD PLAYING GROUP: see Terri or call her at 734-604-7905.




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